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Ten reasons to make game days a regular event

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October 03, 2022

The game day concept originates in hackathons, where programmers get together to build or improve upon a piece of software. Game days however are more inclusive of non-technical people. They offer many benefits, especially for organisations on the cloud adoption journey. This post explains what game days are and gives ten good reasons to hold or take part in one.

What is a game day?

A game day sees a group of people solving a fictional problem or developing a new idea. They’re given a short period of time – usually hours, but sometimes days or a couple of weeks – to complete the challenge. The beauty of game days is that they’re inherently flexible. Participants can meet in person or virtually. They might be existing team members and colleagues, or complete strangers. They could have shared skills and experiences or come from a wide range of backgrounds and disciplines.

Some of the best events I’ve been part of involve technical and non-technical…

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